I’ve decided that since I like to change my nail polish on the regular that I’ll start posting my “color of the moment.” My color of the moment will be whatever color I happen to be wearing when I post a blog. My color of the moment may also be a color I had on a few days before, but didn’t happen to write about it that day.

My color of the moment is from Forever 21’s Love & Beauty and it is a light purple, fittingly so, the name of the color is ‘Lavender.’ If you know a thing or two about nail polishes and camera lighting, you know that camera’s don’t do justice to the color!

When I took pictures of Lavender they turned out to be lighter than they actually are, but then when I uploaded them onto my computer they looked the way they should.

Long story short, I’ve come to expect that whatever color you see online or in a bottle, always anticipate it being slightly different than what you see…sometimes seeing a color NOT in person/on your own hands leaves room for disappointment, but you just have to make the best of it 🙂

Here is Forever 21’s Love & Beauty, ‘Lavender:’


Lavender, up close on my nails! :)

Until next time…