This is from about a week ago, but this is Meadow by Zoya…I really like the dichromatic effect it has (it’s a light pink, but it glimmers gold when light hits it)

Out of the 4 Zoya colors I bought (Anastasia, Kelly, Laney and Meadow) I’ve been pleased with 3/4…the only one that was a little disappointing was Kelly (b/c it wasn’t the color I was expecting…but otherwise it’s still an OK color)….

I was introduced to ZOYA by a good friend of mine, and I was introduced to it through her on FACEBOOK, online of all places….so my nail polish obsession came through when I went to and picked 4 colors at random that I thought were cute…that’s what the result was (the 4 colors mentioned above)…Not bad to be pleased 3/4 times with the colors considering I bought them online.

Here is what Meadow, Zoya looks like:

Until next time… 🙂