Hey everyone,

I purchased this color “Orchid” from Forever 21’s love & beauty in Las Vegas about 5 months ago and I finally decided to use it….like the previous Love & Beauty one I reviewed (Lavender) this one goes on very nicely and smoothly, I had no problems with it and it was good enough with 2 coats. Like the name explains, it’s orchid so it would have shades of purple, and it does, which I like…but it also is like a metallic purple which is even cooler. Another thing is, with the lighting it turned out looking sort of blue when I took pictures of if, but of course they look ok on this screen!

I really like the way this color turned out! Let me know what you think!

It may seem as though Love & Beauty is a brand I use more often than any others, but trust me I have SO many colors/brands to go through, you’ll see me talking about them all!!

For my next post I wanted to do a ‘general collection’ post. For that I will take you into my nail polish collection and some how sort all of them together, by color and then you might just understand my dilemma in when to choose which color or brand….most of the time it’s just whatever color I’m in the mood for….and it could be anything…..and also there’ll be a post in the near future that will feature something that I’m really excited to share with you guys…some of you may or may not know what it is….but I’m gonna keep you all in suspense!!

Alright, this was a long post (Sorry!) but here is Love & Beauty’s Orchid:

‘Till  next time… 🙂