So, I must say I’ve been highly impressed with all American Apparel nail polishes that I’ve gotten thus far. This brings me to my latest color that I’m wearing and it’s Mouse which is like a grayish-brown….before I continue the pros about the American Apparel colors, I must address this one VERY minor issue I have with them…the thing that bugs me about them is the thickness of brush…it is VERY thin and it makes it somewhat difficult to apply so when you dip the brush in the bottle you have to make sure you DUNK it in there to actually get a significant/good amount nail polish on it…ok that’s my only issue! Other than that one brush issue, I LOVE the colors, they way they look, the unique square bottles….I swear sooner rather than later I will have every color in their collection…but then again they keep coming out with new, awesome colors….so hard to keep up 🙂

OK!! Please stay tuned b/c coming up VERY soon is the blog I’d mentioned in previous posts (nail polishes categorized by color)….and of course another one later on that I’m very excited about!!

For now, enjoy Mouse, American Apparel:

Till next time… 🙂