So my latest color I did was Havana Dreams from Sephora OPI…the first time I saw this color was on one of my little sisters’ nails (she borrowed it from her friend) and I LOVED the way it looked on her. She has lighter skin than me, so I was sure it wouldn’t look exactly the same on me….but I knew that when I saw her wearing it that I loved the color!
So finally I tried it for myself, and after doing so I actually really like the color on my skin tone….it makes the blue pop out a little more…on the girl’s hand where I originally saw it, it looks more pastel, but they both look good regardless…I really like this baby blue color b/c blue is one of my favorite colors….the only thing that was kind of irritating was the Sheerness of it…it took 4-5 coats to get it opaque….so it’s on there thick….but otherwise it’s a great color that goes with light skin colors and looks good on darker skin colors as well 🙂

Havana Dreams, Sephora OPI