So, as promised this post is going to be about colors of the rainbow…I know some of you wanted to see pictures of my collection. I went a head and lined all my nail polishes up by color. If you follow colors of the rainbow (ROY G BIV) pinks are included after Reds, and my collection is minus oranges and yellows…and I added a misc. category and a silver/grey/brown category too…and that’s how the photos will appear (just a warning, there are multiple photos for a few colors because I have numerous amounts of that specific color, but in different shades).

First, here are the reds and pinks. I’ve come to realize that red looks good with every skin color. The reds that are true red (i.e. like firetrucks or cherries look really good on all skin tones). Red, whether it be dark wine color or a fire truck engine red is a great color for the winter holidays or for a fancy night out…you can never go wrong with reds!

Next are the green’s….I find that dark hunter or evergreen green’s are a great substitute for those who like dark or black nails….also the mint green color is just really awesome and it’s a nice way to brighten up your nails…it just is a fun color…the turquoises are also fun colors just to spunk up your wardrobe. As for the other greens, they are colors that you can use for St. Patrick’s Day or if you want to be festive for other holidays!

Blue…what can I say about blue? It is one of my favorite colors; whether it is light, dark, royal….I love it all. In fact, as I type this I’m about to paint my nails with Sephora OPI’s Havana Dreams (see picture below, last bottle on the right), a light baby blue color. Similar to greens, a dark midnight blue is a good way to stick to the darks but steer away from boring, old black. Personally royal and bright blues are used to create Chargers spirit…I also think royal blues that are borderline indigo/purple are really awesome and look really good on tan skin tones…I also think that light/baby blues look good on lighter and dark skin tones!

Next is purples…here’s where the above warning comes into effect…I have at least 3-4 pictures of my purples collections. What else can I say besides that I LOVE LOVE LOVE purples: dark purples that almost look black look good on all skin tones, royal purples look really good on those with tan skin tones and light purples (i.e. lilac, lavender look good on light skin tones, but also on dark skin tones) I also really love purples that have some sort of grey area (i.e. they are hints of grey)…those are really cool and when you wear them, depending on the color of your clothes, your eyes adjust to think the nail color has more of a purple undertone or a grey undertone…it’s one of my favorite colors: purple greys! I also just recently bought a white/lavender that looks white, but it had undertones of a light purple…it is similar to Revlon’s Cloud (which I assumed would be a white with a blue undertone, but it happens to be a white with purple undertones). Revlon Cloud is very similar to American Apparel’s L’Espirit and OPI’s Rumple Wiggin’s (but it isn’t as purple)! Also I LOVE glitter purples that aren’t glitter-based but it’s more of a holographic nail lacquer…also another favorite of mine are the OPI Suede polishes….those dry really fast but they are a pain to remove, but they look cool and you just have to make sure not to use top/base coat or any lotion while you have it on to have it in full affect!

Lot of purples huh? Here are the greys/silvers…and even the American Apparel “Factory Grey” looks like a lilac purple….gotta love it…and the Zoya “Laney” (the middle one) is iridescent, just like a pearl, and I LOVE IT! Silvers/greys look very nice on darker skin tones!

Lastly, here are my golds/browns…I think the holographic gold *first from left* are good to create spirit fingers, again going back to me being the huge sports fan that I am….as for the tan colors….those are good for neutral nails for work or if you want a natural look. The somewhat copper browns (2nd and 3rd from left are just fun, spunky colors that make your fingers worth 10 cents! (haha they look like pennies on your fingers!….and the last 2 (Wet ‘n Wild “shield” and Sephora OPI’s “queen of everything” are cool metallic golds that look good on all skin tones and are nice for a fun, crazy night out with the girls)

Ok that is all I have for my colors of the rainbow!

**This is my entire collection, as a whole:**

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