I think the title “color of the moment” got too boring, too fast, and besides having the nail polish name and brand is more useful!

Ingrid is from the Vintage Vixen China Glaze collection (Fall 2010)… to see the entire collection go to http://www.chinaglaze.com/products/.

I first came across the Vintage Vixen collection when a good friend of mine told me she bought “Swing Baby” from that collection….I had always wanted a brown color and when I saw Ingrid I knew it was a color I had to have.

Ingrid is a taupe with more of a dark brown undertones….it also has a slight gold shimmer.

Originally I put two coats and it was pretty opaque but since I did it at night-time the lighting wasn’t at its best. The next morning I decided to add one more coat to make it even more opaque because even though it was hardly noticeable there were some spots where it wasn’t as opaque as it could be! 2-3 coats is usually a safe bet!

When it is dark out, it has more of a grey/brown (almost like a dirt or cement color) look to it, but in the day time you can see it is more taupe/brown.

I think it would look really nice on lighter skin tones b/c it is such a deep brown color, it might blend with darker skin tones and there’s likely to be more of a contrast on lighter skin and it will make the taupe/brown of Ingrid have a little POP to it!

Here’s what Ingrid looks like: