Ok, I know it’s been a while since my last post, but as promised on a previous post about Katy Perry’s OPI, here is the 1st of 4 colors I’ve tried from the mini set. To refresh, the mini set comes with Last Friday Night (blue glitter), Teenage Dream (pink glitter), Not Like the Movies (greenish/purple) and The One That Got Away (magenta sparkle).

I must say I am really pleased with this one…it’s a nice shiny magenta and sparkles in it, but it is not your typical ‘glitter polish’ like Teenage Dream or Last Friday night. It is shiny and bright, but the sparkles are subtle but noticeable (similar to how a suede polish looks, but just shiny and not matte/dull). Since it is more color-based than glitter-based it provides full-coverage (opaque) with 2-3 coats.

It is a nice,vibrant color without being too spunky looking…it goes well with a tan skin color (like mine) and I can see it looking nice on a darker skin color too…I’m sure it would look good on anyone who wants to wear it…it’s just that it might pop or look brighter/ and have more of a spunk on lighter skin tones!

So far I’m 1/4 on the Katy Perry collection…and I have 3 more to try…ooh as a random side note: I tried the Shatter nail polish for the 1st time (at 1st I had doubts about it but figured to give it a try….and I THINK I LOVE IT!)….I painted it on top of my green nails (from St. Patty’s) day and it looked like military camo….then on a different nail I painted red on top of one of my green nails, then the SHATTER, and to me it looked like the perfect nails to have to show some AZTEC PRIDE!! I mean they’re going to the Sweet 16….so it could be a perfect excuse to do my nails red/black…not that I need an excuse 🙂

Ok enough words, here’s what The One That Got Away, Katy Perry OPI looks like…please don’t mind the messy paint job…

‘Till next time… 🙂