Hello friends,

I recently told myself that my collection, as being as large as it is, will not be allowed to grow until I use (at least once) each color. That being said, my latest color isn’t one that’s unused; it is actually one that has been used before. I decided to paint my nails with American Apparel’s Office (a light/minty green), but for my blogs sake it’s the 1st time so all is well).

In a previous post about an american apparel nail polish I went into the pros and cons, so I will spare you this time…I just LOVE the color Office so much because it’s the perfect mint green…it reminds me of pistachio ice cream!

And it’s so coincidentally, appropriately named “office” solely based on why I chose to put this color on now!

At my work office we have a collection of teas and one of them is this one I brought, mint green tea.  What does tea have to do with nail polish you ask? well it just so happens that the packaging of each tea bag is pretty much spot on the same color as this nail polish….so if I happen to want tea at work, I’ll go for the mint green tea so my nails and my tea bag will be the same color! 🙂

Ok, well here is Office by American Apparel: (some of the pictures look brighter than others….I guess the flash bounced off differently…weird b/c they were all taken at the same time of day and same room)

’till next time… 🙂