I finally took the ESSIE plunge…not sure why I waited THIS long, but I bought this periwinkle Essie “Lapiz of Luxury” and I LOVE it! I think the quality of Essie is amazing, 2-3 coats gets the job done, and it could be just my imagination, but I messed up one of my nails and instead of re-doing it I pressed it smooth with my fingers (you could see fingerprints) but then a few minutes later I looked and the fingerprints were gone!!)….that never happens…

The Lapiz of Luxury is a nice light blue, and I decided to put Katy Perry’s Last Friday night (blue glitter) on both of my ring fingers. I have yet to try “Last Friday Night” on its own, but I know it is pretty sheer, and it just happens to go perfectly on top of Essie’s “Lapiz of Luxury.”

The good thing about Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night is that it’s very sheer blue glitter, so if you wanted to put it on its own the blue would be very sheer so you’ll just have the shimmer from the glitter. Because of the Sheerness of the blue in the glitter I think it would look good on all skin tones.

Essie’s Lapiz of Luxury is a pastel blue, if you will (think periwinkle) and I think it’ll look good on light skin tones as well as dark skin tones. The Lapiz of Luxury kind of reminds me of the sky…..it was my 1st Essie and definitely not my last one!!
Here’s Lapiz of Luxury (by itself first) then with Last Friday Night added after (on the ring fingers)

Katy Perry's Last Friday Night & Essie's Lapiz of Luxury

Lapiz of Luxury, Essie & Last Friday Night, Katy Perry (on ring finger)


lapiz of luxury and last friday night (on top of LOL, ring finger) 🙂

so blue 🙂

 ‘Till next time… 🙂