I  finally started using Katy Perry’s OPI Shatter and needless to say, it is AWESOME! Per advice of my 10-yr-old sister I put Zoya’s Kelly (which is a dark navy/grey color) with Shatter on top. I’ve learned that it’s better to put contrasting colors so that the shatter effect stands out more…..so you could imagine that with a dark navy/grey under a black shatter that the shatter wouldn’t be as prevalent…..It actually turned out looking really cool….almost like a cracked pavement.

Without further adieu, here is Zoya Kelly with OPI Shatter on top:

Katy Perry's OPI Shatter and Zoya's Kelly

just Zoya Kelly by itself

Kelly with the shatter on top!

shattered!! 🙂

Keely's turquoise tips and my shattered nails!!


’till next time… 🙂