If I do say so myself, my little sister Keely is quite the nail polish artist.
Today she taught me that there is a quick and easy way to do french tips.
She put tape on the lower part of her nails and left just the tips open where she wanted to paint them. She used one of my turquoise shimmer nail polishes to give herself a spunky french manicure.
I was very impressed, not only that she did it so well, but she did both hands so nicely.

Now to see the amazing job she did, here are some pictures and captions (in her own words)


Ooh lala! sparkly turquoise!!


Handy Hint: when using tape, make sure you wrap it around the entire nail, or it will not turn out as great. Oh, and remember not to lay it straight on b/c your nails are curved.


Making the final touches on my spunky tips.


final results=PERFECTION!


my nails and a sneak peek of Shalu's new post, OPI Shatter