I took a poll on which purple nail polish to do; ranging from a bright purple to a light purple…I decided to go with a light lavender purple and go with Rumple’s Wiggin OPI from the Shrek collection. I’ve had this color for quite sometime now, but am finally using it for the 1st time now. I let my best friend borrow it and she loved it! I knew it looked good on her so I was wondering how it would look on me because I have a darker skin tone. Also, the 1st time I ever saw this color (and why I ended up buying it) is because I saw it on another friend of mine’s nails…..she’s got a nice/tan skin tone and it looked really pretty! I just was hoping that since it looked good on 2 friends’ nails that hopefully it’ll look good on my skin tone!

Needless to say, OPI’s Rumple’s Wiggin (shrek collection) looks good on all skin tones, dark, tan or light!

As I’ve mentioned in one of the earliest posts, camera lighting doesn’t do justice to the actual nail polish color, but if you see it in person, it is a very pretty, light lavender…3 coats and you are on your way to getting your “purple” fix but in a unique, lighter way 🙂


Here are the pics: ENJOY! 🙂



Rumple's Wiggin OPI (shrek) the colors on the nails are a closer representation...the bottle? not so much

I LOVE this purple color 🙂

Rumple's Wiggin with bottle in hand

love me some lavender!


’till next time…:)