I’ve always gone to beauty stores and seen matte nail polishes and suede nail polishes too. I tried the matte ones before and it was cool, but it’s just basically nail polish with no shine. It looks cool, don’t get me wrong but I was more impressed with the suede. The suede polishes tend to be metallic with glitter, but with no shine. OPI has a nice French collection of suede colors and the one I decided to buy was “We’ll Always Have Paris.” It is a very pretty metallic magenta.

I think the suede polishes would look good on everyone. Someone I know has “Lincoln Park After Dark,” which is a dark purple suede and that looks good on her lighter skin tone. The one I have, “We’ll Always Have Paris” looks good on tan/dark skin but like I said the suede look would work for all skin tones.

The only thing I have concerning the suede colors is that it chips really easily. A day after I applied it, there was already a chip on a few of my nails. So, while it doesn’t last as long as regular nail polish, the amount of time it takes to dry is SO fast, it’s unbelievable. If you are in a hurry to do your nails, the suede polish is ideal because it dries so fast.

Well, there’s not much else to say, but I really like the suede look. The next color I would want is “Ink,” also by OPI (suede).

So here’s “We’ll Always Have Paris” (Suede) ENJOY!

"We'll Always Have Paris" Suede

"We'll Always Have Paris" SUEDE

"We'll Always Have Paris" SUEDE on nails and bottle

I love suede nail polish!

OPI suede, "We'll Always Have Paris"

‘Till next time…:)