Again, it has been a while since my last post, and I apologize. To make up for the absence, I have this post as well as a couple more in the next few days. This post is my simple attempt at creativity. When I do alternating colors on my nails I usually do every other one with two different colors. This time I decided to mix it up a little. The irony of this nail polish job is the colors I chose (randomly at that) and the fact that I was watching Game 1 of the Mavericks/Lakers playoffs…As a fan of both, I must say I’m disappointed with how the season turned out. I expected more of a battle, more of a competition. Enough about basketball. When I chose two colors I randomly picked a PURPLE and a BLUE. I had the intent of painting my nails with Revlon’s “Midnight Affair” but I also wanted to change it up and add another color, hence I chose OPI’s “Hell to the No” from the Glee collection. When all was said and done I had Lakers (purple) and Mavericks (blue) nails.

In terms of  the application, Revlon’s “Midnight Affair” gave full coverage with 2 coats since it was a dark blue, and even the OPI “Hell to the No” was opaque after 2 coats. “Hell to the No” is a nice bright purple with a gold shimmer and “Midnight Affair” is just that, a dark, midnight blue.

Here’s my attempt at simple creativity: (please excuse the messiness 😦 )


my left hand

my right hand

holding "Hell to the No" and "Midnight Affair" in left hand

holding "Hell to the No" and "Midnight Affair" in my right hand

‘Till next time… 🙂