Ok, so I know that dark/wine colors are more of an autumn and fall color, but I am willing to commit a faux pas once in a while.

When I look at Berry by American Apparel I see my absolute, most favorite color ever: maroon. Berry is what I picture when I think of maroon or burgundy. It’s a nice, deep red wine color and I LOVE it. It looks really good on dark skin tones and it applies full coverage with two coats, even one coat could suffice if need be.

I absolutely love this color, don’t be surprised if you see another post on it in the fall… or even in the next few days ( I might change-up my Berry and add something to it. Maybe. You’ll just have to be patient if you want to find out)

For now, here’s Berry, American Apparel:


bottle of Berry, American Apparel

Berry! 🙂

Berry, American Apparel

I love Berry!

LOVE this color!!

‘Till next time… 🙂