QotD: If there could be a nail polish collection for any movie/music act/celebrity, what or who would you want to see have one?

In honor of the latest installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, (POTC) I decided to buy two colors from OPI’s POTC collection. I bought a purple one (to be blogged about later) called “Planks a lot” and a sea green one “Mermaid’s Tears,” and that’s what this post is about.

Mermaid’s tears is a nice aqua/sea green color. It kind of reminds me of American Apparel’s The Office (a light/mint green) but it isn’t as white-based or isn’t as bright. It is a nice pastel-y green that is good for the spring or the next season that’s around the corner, SUMMER!

Mermaid’s tears provides full coverage with two coats, but you might want to do three! While it looks really nice on tan skin tones, it would also look nice on lighter skin tones because it would make the sea-green color pop a little bit more. On tan/darker skin tones, like mine, it’s a nice/calm sea-green color!

Here is OPI mermaid’s tears on me:

bottle of OPI mermaid's tears

OPI mermaid's tears

OPI mermaid's tears on my nails

POTC nail polish

I love this color!

Pirates of the Caribbean nail polish 🙂

this is what it looks like when a mermaid cries

Until next time… 🙂