Hello everyone,

So my latest nail polishing job consisted of using No More Drama by Essence. This color is a nice pastel-y purple and it is very similar to Love & Beauty’s Lavender and OPI’s Rumple’s Wiggin (but less white-based). I also have a feeling that Essence’s No More Drama is very similar OPI’s Planks  A lot. (from the Pirates collection)

Sometime in the future I will swatch all my lavender nail polishes together and then you can compare/contrast the similarities and differences.

The application of No More Drama was very smooth and the sheer-ness disappeared after two coats. It looks good on tan skin, but it would look nice, just a little bit of a darker purple, on lighter skin tones!


Here is No More Drama, Essence:

bottle of No More Drama, Essence

No More Drama, on my right hand

index and middle finger with No More Drama


love this color purple!

my right hand, again


my right hand holding No More Drama

‘Till next time… 🙂