I’ve hopped on board the Zoya train and I am never getting off. Zoya is a brand of nail polish that I discovered thanks to the recommendation of a friend of mine. Zoya isn’t available at your retail beauty store (only a select few stores and beauty salons have access to a few collections of Zoya). Zoya products are more readily available online. I think that is what makes it special and unique. Aside from the access to Zoya products, the reason they are so awesome is because the colors are amazing and there’s literally a color for everyone’s style. Check them out at www.zoya.com. You will not be disappointed. You should also friend request them on Facebook because there are so many Pixies (Zoya faithful) that are willing to comment and love on whatever color you are wearing or whatever colors  you are having a tough time deciding on. Not to mention, they have some awesome promotions every once in a while! 🙂

My recent nail polish job consisted of Jo from Zoya. It is a nice sky blue with a subtle shimmer. It provided full coverage after two coats and its application is very smooth. It goes really well with dark/tan skin tones but it would look good on lighter skin tones as well.

Need I say more? Here is Jo, Zoya:



Jo, Zoya


Jo in a bottle


bottle of Jo in my hand :)I love Jo!