QotD: If you were doing your nails with two colors (any 5 fingers with one color and the other 5 fingers with another) what two colors would you use?

A few times in the past I’ve always changed-up a manicure simply by putting on OPI shatter (either black or silver). I finally found a place that sells China Glaze’s Crackle, so I bought their white one, “Lightning Bolt.”

A few days after I put Jo by Zoya on (the sky blue color), I decided to put the Lightning Bolt crackle (white) on top if it.
If nothing else, Jo, Zoya with Lightning Bolt, China Glaze Crackle on top of it looks like clouds in the sky!

You can be the judge:

China Glaze Crackle, "Lightning Bolt"

Lightning bolt over Jo (left thumb)Lightning Bolt over Jo (left 4 fingers)