Last night I had a manicure night with a good friend of mine and we both painted our nails.
I went with Steel-her-heart by Revlon, which is a nice metallic grey and to spice it up a bit, I wanted to add Pinata-Yada by Ulta, a mixture of rainbow glitter (which I did but it wasn’t showing up in the pictures).
I liked the steel-look of the Revlon color because it was very shiny, yet dark at the same time. It only took two coats to become opaque and I think it is a nice change-of-pace from the regular grey and I have a feeling it would look amazing on all skin tones!
My friend, Nikki painted her nails with Meadow by Zoya which is a color I blogged about a while back. It’s a rose/pink color that shimmers gold. Needless to say Nikki fell in love with it!!

Here are some of our pictures from our manicure night!

Picking colors!

Steel her heart, Revlon

steel her heart on my hand

Meadow, Zoya on Nikki's hand

Meadow, Nikki's hands!

Meadow (Nikki), Steel her Heart (mine)

Meadow and Steel her heart (can you see the rainbow glitter or not?)


‘Till next time… 🙂