Hello everybody!

Today, I painted my nails as well as my three nieces’ (ages 3, 4, 7) fingers and toes. I will do a separate ‘mini-post’ with pictures of their nails because I took pictures of them on a different camera one than my usual one.

For now, I wanted to talk about L’Esprit by American Apparel. It is a lavender/periwinkle color that is my absolute favorite. As if having a few different brands of nail polishes with nearly the same color wasn’t any indication! It is similar to OPI Rumple’s Wiggin, or even Essence’s No More Drama, but like every nail polish does, it has something that sets it apart.

I absolutely LOVED the application of L’Esprit because it went on very smoothly and it was nearly opaque with ONE coat, however I always like doing two coats!  This color looks good on tan skin, and I know this color would look really nice on lighter skin tones because I let my friend borrow this one before I ever used it and it looked great on her.

Without further adieu, here is L’Esprit, American Apparel:

L'Esprit, American Apparel

holding the L'Esprit bottle

LOVE this color!


L'Esprit with my Coach clutch!


‘Till next time… 🙂