On Sunday July 17, 2011 (today) the Women’s USA soccer team will be playing in the Women’s World Cup Final against Japan! They have had a thrilling summer with wins over Brazil and France.

Today’s game represents the first  time back in the World Cup Finals for USA since they won it in 1999 against China.

In order to show my spirit for the US Women’s soccer team, I did my nails, of course!

I used Sooki, Zoya for red, Alpine Snow, OPI for white, and Jo, Zoya for blue. So Patriotic! 🙂

And also Milani, Black Magic for the letter’s U-S-A!!

Best of luck to the USA Women’s team! 🙂

Black Magic-Milani, Jo-Zoya, Alpine Snow-OPI, Sooki-Zoya


Sooki & Jo (both ZOYA)

Sooki & Jo bottles 🙂

U-S-A 🙂


Women's World Cup nail polish 🙂


‘Till next time… 🙂 and GO USA!