Hello lovelies!

For my latest nail polishing job I took a poll to see which color to choose? There was a close tie between two different turquoise colors, so I went with one of them simply because I didn’t want to use a matte polish. (Savage, Sinful Colors) (Even though all it takes to make it non-matte is a top coat, I know!)

I went with Peacock by American Apparel and I must say some people have great taste! 🙂 It is a nice, dark turquoise that looks amazing on tan skin! 🙂 It only took ONE coat to become opaque, YES it is that awesome! I absolutely love it!!

You can be the judge of how it looks:

Peacock, American Apparel 🙂


Seche Vite Top Coat is amazing!

Peacock!! 🙂

amazing color!!

Can't get enough of this color 🙂

I love Peacock!

‘Till next time… 🙂