Hey there lovely people,

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I definitely did!

Sporting my Neon Violet, American Apparel nails, my best friend and I celebrated 21 years of friendship. We had an amazing/awesome weekend going to Northern California and to the Gilroy Garlic Festival. (YUM!)

Hauling 10+ pounds of everything garlic (from fresh garlic to garlic salsa and garlic dude dust), my nail polish took a beating so  when I got home, I decided to freshen up my nails with a new manicure.

I want to preface by saying that the brand Essence never ceases to amaze me. From their fast-drying drops to their shimmering topcoat and their nice range of colors, I really love their products.

My latest Essence item that I used is their Blossoms Etc. nail polish. They come in cute little bottles and they are nice pastel colors and they are cheap! I only bought one for now, but who knows…I’m sure I’ll end up with more later down the road.

The one I have is called “I Like” and it is a pastel green, what I would call sea green. It is really pretty and depending on the angle it can have a nice iridescent shimmer. It provided full coverage with 2 coats which is awesome. It is the perfect summer green because it reminds me of the water.

“I Like” is somewhat similar to OPI’s Mermaid Tears but it is more white-based, making it a little brighter. I thought about doing a swatch of the two but I didn’t want to ruin my already completed manicure….maybe another time!


Here is “I Like,” Essence:

I Like, Essence

indoor picture of I Like

I Like on my nails & bottle

I Like, Outdoors pic!

LOVE this pic, in the sun!