Hello everybody,

So you all saw my post on “I Like” by Essence, and after a few days I decided to use OPI Black Shatter simply because I hadn’t used it in a while.

I still haven’t mastered the technique (if there even is one) of the shatter nail polish, but after topping “I Like” with Shatter I must say the shatter polish on my left hand is the best Shatter polishing I’ve done to date. The thickness of the polish is perfect (think giraffe print), as opposed to a thinner spread of the polish (think zebra print).

As you will see below, the left hand is how I picture the perfect shatter, and the right hand…it’s OK but it’s not the way I like it to look.

Here is “I Like,” Essence with OPI Black Shatter:

shatter on right hand (not my favorite, the pinky is ok!)

shatter on left hand, looks AWESOME!

shatter, right hand

SHATTER! (left hand) AWESOME!! 🙂

‘Till next time… 🙂