Hello everybody!
It’s that time of year again, bring out the face paint, the posters, the jewelry, the nail polish and most importantly get your game face on! College Football is back!

Whether it is the Red and Black of the San Diego State University Aztecs, the Blue and Orange of the Florida Gators or the Maroon and Gold of the USC Trojans….there is no better season than college football season to bring out the colors and wear them to your heart’s delight!! (except of course the NFL season haha)

Yesterday the SDSU Aztecs had their season home opener against Cal Poly SLO and the Aztecs surely delivered. Having won the Poinsettia Bowl last year under coach Brady Hoke, the Aztecs seem to have started the Coach Rocky Long Era the way Hoke’s era ended, with a dominating and convincing victory!

Ok, sorry this post was supposed to be about football, I mean nail polish!

Since I went to the game, naturally I had to paint my nails red and black. I did just that but added a little bit of a sparkle.

I used Sooki by Zoya for the red (it is a nice bright candy apple red), Black Magic by Milani (it’s just black) and Pearl Harbor by Sinful Colors (it’s a glitter top coat that has predominantly green and blue specks (when you see it on top of the black) and more iridescent [think like a pearl] specks over the red).

Here is my Aztec manicure! You can bet I’ll be sporting red & black nails for any of the Aztec games I will be fortunate enough to attend!



Sooki Zoya, Pearl Harbor Sinful Colors, Black Magic Milani

sparkly red & black nails!

Let's go Aztecs!! πŸ™‚

blurry nails, focused bottles

focused nails, blurry bottles

I LOVE the red&black!

Gooooooo Aztecs πŸ™‚


‘Till next time… πŸ™‚