Hello and (a belated) Welcome to October!!
As ESPN nicely put it, October is all about the fall season, MLB playoffs, football, pumpkins and more football.
More importantly, October is Breast Cancer Awarness month.
 It is the one month where it is acceptable for women and men alike to sport the color pink at sporting events.
Since it is the beginning of the month and it is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I decided to dedicate my manicure to the color pink.
Today marks the first NFL sunday in October and all throughout the NFL today and for the rest of the month you will see NFL personnel wearing pink shoes, armbands, and wiping their sweat away with pink towels.

For my pink manicure I decided to use butter LONDON (again) in Teddy Girl, which is a nice, light pink, Teenage Dream, OPI from Katy Perry’s collection, which is a  glittery pink top coat, and I used OPI Pink Shatter on top of that to add a little pizzazz.

After I used the pink shatter  I wasn’t very pleased with the ‘shattered look’ so I decided to add another coat of Katy Perry’s OPI, Teenage Dream to sparkle it up some more!

I first saw Teddy Girl by butter LONDON on a friend of mine who has a lighter skin tone than mine and it looked good. It was a nice light pink without being to washed out AKA white looking. Since I have darker skin I was afraid it would be too loud since it is a pale pink, but I was pleasantly surprised when it looked the way I imagined a milky pink to be! 🙂

I took pictures of each polish after I applied them onto my nails so there’s quite a few pictures in this post….so bare with me!

I hope you enjoy my Breast Cancer Awareness manicure!

Teddy Girl, butter LONDON * Teenage Dream, OPI (Katy Perry) * Pink Shatter, OPI

Teddy Girl, butter LONDON

Teenage Dream, OPI (Katy Perry)

Pink Shatter, OPI

Teddy Girl!

Teddy Girl, indoor sunlight

Teddy Girl, indoor shade

Teenage Dream, OPI over Teddy Girl, butter LONDON

Teenage Dream, OPI (Katy Perry woohoo)

Teenage Dream, OPI indoor sunlight

Pink Shatter, OPI and Teenage Dream on top of it

Pink Shatter and Teenage Dream (again)

Pink Shatter, OPI

end result, right thumb (Teddy Girl, Teenage Dream, Pink Shatter & Teenage Dream again)

Breast Cancer Awareness manicure!


OK WOW, that took forever! 😉 I hope you enjoyed this post!

‘Till next time… 🙂