Hello lovely people,

So back in September I took advantage of the BOGO butter LONDON promotion that was going on in London. The first butter polish I used was Big Smoke (if you think back to a few posts ago). The next color I decided to wear was Toff. When looking at the bottle Toff looks like a mauve/pink that is a nice neutral color. The thing I loved about how it looks on my nails is that in one light it looks just as it does in the bottle (mauve/pink), but then in another light it has more of a purple/plum undertone. I LOVE IT. Toff went on very smoothly and it took two coats to make it fully opaque. Toff is a color that looks amazing on all skin tones, especially because it has the pink/mauve look at times and also the purple/plum look at other times.

Here is what Toff, butter LONDON looks like:

Toff, butter London

love the plum undertones 🙂

I heart TOFF, butter LONDON

I LOVE butter LONDON 🙂

Toff, butter LONDON on my fingers 🙂

🙂 lovely color 🙂


Okie dokie, that’s Toff, butter LONDON!

Until next time… 🙂