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I hope everyone is having a wonderful Halloween!
I must say my Halloween nails aren’t my proudest of manicures and I did them in a hurry because I am getting ready to watch my Chargers on Monday Night Football!

I had some creative ideas but since my artistic ability fails at life, tremendously I just did something simple!

I used Petites Mango and on top of that I put Wet ‘n Wild’s 9021Orange as a sparkle top coat. On top of my orange nails I decided to do black shatter. Afterall, what is Halloween if you don’t have black and orange nails?!

Anyways, here’s what they look like. Again, not my best work but whatever! Enjoy it!!

Mango-Petites, 9021.Orange-Wet 'n Wild, OPI-Black Shatter, Top Coat-Seche Vite

Mango with 9021Orange on top 🙂

Mango and 9021Orange with Black Shatter

Halloween nails!

Halloween manicure

mango, 9021Orange & black shatter 🙂

orange and black for HALLOWEEN!!!

‘Till next time… 🙂


Hello hello!
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a time to reflect yesterday for the 10th anniversary of September 11, 2001.
Yesterday was not only 9/11 but it was also Week 1 in the NFL. I went to the Chargers game and they beat the visiting Minnesota Vikings 24-17! woohoo

And of course I had my nails done for the game!
In the past I used to do blue and yellow nails, alternating each finger, but I decided to bump up the creativity.

For yesterday’s Chargers home opener I did yellow nail polish and blue crackle, and let me tell you it looks like Chargers thunder and lightning!

I used Sally Hansen’s Mellow Yellow and also Sally Hansen’s Distressed Denim Crackle. I must say Distressed Denim is my new favorite crackle, it works so well! With the exception of 2 fingers, the crackle effect came out perfectly!

I loved the way my nails look so much that I decided to keep them on a little longer and also fix the 2 nails that I didn’t like as much.
And since the Chargers won I figured, why not keep my Chargers nails painted for a few more days?!

Well I hope you like them as much as I do, but you probably won’t because you aren’t as big a Chargers fan as I am! 🙂

Here is SH’s Mellow Yellow and Distressed Denim: (ENJOY!)

Sally Hansen: Mellow Yellow & Distressed Denim (blue crackle)

right hand (middle and index didn't shatter as well)

left hand, LOVE every finger 🙂

nice crackle effect 🙂

Chargers!!! 🙂

left hand, close up! 🙂

thunder and lightning... BOLT UP! GO CHARGERS 🙂

LOVE my CHARGERS and nail polish 🙂


‘Till next time… 🙂