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Hey I’m back!

So 4 days after one of my best friends got married, another friend of mine got married too. My little sister from my sorority, Annie got married last night! It was a very beautiful and fun occasion. After having 2 weddings in 4 days, I want to go to some more…they are so much fun!! 🙂

For Annie’s wedding I painted my nails with Princess by Revlon. This color is one of the most amazing frosty, metallic blue nail polishes I have ever seen! It looks blue and silver at the same time and it just looks pretty awesome. There’s no real way of describing it, you’ll just have to see the pictures because they are that awesome! In terms of opacity, it took 2 coats, but if need be you could get by with one. I always like to do two coats just to get rid of any streaks or anything.

There is not much more to say about this color, just see for yourself how AMAZING it is!


Princess, Revlon for Annie's wedding 🙂

so shiny!!

Princess, Revlon on my right hand!

my manicure for Annie's wedding 🙂

Princess, Revlon close-up 🙂

Princess with no flash

amazing color 🙂


How amazing is this color?! Pretty amazing, huh? 🙂

‘Till next time… 🙂


Hello, remember me?

So I’ve been extremely busy lately, (not busy enough to do my nails, but just busy enough to not be able to blog about it). Have no fear, I’m back! I attended two weddings in the span of 4 days, so that’s why I’ve been MIA.

The 1st wedding I went to was for one of my best friends and the it was a very beautiful, fall wedding! The colors for the wedding were brown and orange, so naturally I decided to add accessorize with brown by using Mink Muffs by Essie.

Mink Muffs is my favorite brown nail polish to date. It is a nice milk chocolate-brown (think the color of chocolate milk), but also at times it looks mauve/purple. I absolutely LOVE any colors in the brown/mauve/purple/grey family!

Not that I’m fishing for problems, but I have yet to find anything wrong with the Essie nail polishes. They go on smoothly and for Mink Muffs it took two coats for full coverage! I think Mink Muffs looks great on light-tan skin tones….since it is brown you wouldn’t want it to be drowned out if your skin tone is close in color to the polish. However, since Mink Muffs tends to look mauve/purple, I’m sure it would look good on any skin tone!

Here is what it looks like, it’s amazing…I hope you love it! 🙂

Mink Muffs, Essie


love this color

Mink Muffs on my right hand!

looks like chocolate milk 🙂

brown? purple? brurple?

mink muffs, love love 🙂

manicure for Rachel's wedding 🙂

‘Till next time (it won’t be forever, I promise)… 🙂